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15.02.2023 16:47
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We are sheet metal die design and manufacturing company in Bursa / Turkey.
We would like to enter Slovakia market also for automotive sector for manufacturing about car parts.
I would like to contact to you to discuss about how we can take your service.
I know that there are many car parts manufacturer company in Slovakia. I would like to contact to them and to build cooperate with you. Actually I don't know what is your services for foreign companies who wants to enter Slovakia market to match companies.
Pruva Automotive is an production facility which provides design and manufacturing service in 2850 m2 closed area in Turkey.
It was established in Bursa / Turkey in 2014 based on its 25 years of technical and field expertise of automotive, aviation and defense industries.
The main activity field of Pruva Automotive is sheet metal dies
We are working with TOYOTA & TOYOTETSU directly and we provide them both design and manufacture service. Also we provide service with T0 and T1 to our clients.
If you have any inquiries or new projects I will be glad to send you our offers.
We would be glad to keep in touch with you in the future, and invite you every time to visit us at our plant in Turkey also

Our services are:

Enginnering Service
o Feasibility
o Simulation
o Trim - Spring Back
o Process Method
o Reverse Engineering
o 3D scanning & Measurement
o Cooperation for R & D projects.
o Special Machine Design & Manufacturing

Sheet Metal Die Design & Manufacturing
o Transfer Die
o Prograsive Die
o Tandem Die
o Transfer Die System
o Heat Shield Die
o Transfer Fingers
o 2D & 3D Machning
Part Tooling and Serial Production
CF & Welding jig Design & Manufacturing

Assembly / Try Out / Spotting / MAP

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